Last Bushel of 2016!

Not that I have been consistent with any posts for the last 6 months! My excuse is I started graduate school and it seems that any sit down computer time is spent writing papers and assignments. But I have been cooking and making good stuff from the boxes, sorry you can’t see what they were!

Well, onwards with the Dec 28th box! In it I got:



Butternut Squash


GIANT mustard greens (see pic)


Red Cabbage

2 heads of cute curly lettuce

Fresh Purple Hull Peas

Soooo, I already posted on my @glittereveryday instagram that pic of the Mustard Greens because….wow. AND I don’t really know what I want to do with them.  What I mostly come up with is sautee with some garlic, so that’s likely what I’ll do – I’m open to suggestions.

The Purple Hull Peas, well they look JUST like black eyed peas, and seeing as New Year’s Day is just 4 days away, they will be my new year’s day good luck food!  I’m really feeling this recipe from Isa Chandra Moskowitz, one of my vegan cooking QUEENS! Hoppin’ John Bowl with Red Hot Tahini

Beets – hmmmmm well, so many amazing things but THIS time I want to make a Kitchari with them, that feels really supportive and nourishing for the winter and new year vibe.  Seriously, just google Kitchari, or Kitcharee, or Kichidi and you can just find so many recipes, and you can add a variety of vegetables, I may even add some of the mustard greens too.

Broccoli – I’ve been on a steamed broccoli obsession lately. I love adding it to a bowl of brown rice with olive oil, tamari, gomasio and sliced avocado. Simple, delicious, healthy.

Butternut Squash – my current obsession cookbook right now is Everyday Ayurveda by Kate O’Donnell. It’s divided up seasonally as is the way of Ayurveda, and even though technically it’s winter, I’m still making the Fall recipes because 1. I haven’t gotten my fill, and 2. it’s freaking hot in Austin.  So i’m really into her Butternut Squash Cranberry Muffins. They are made with almond meal and there’s an option for flax eggs. I love them, i’ve made them 3 times already and not it looks like I will do it 3 more times with this lovely butternut

Red Cabbage – continuing ayurvedic cooking, and I think because it’s still so warm here despite the season, I’m still craving some raw food so look at this Red Cabbage Salad I found!  It uses beet and carrot too so I can use those from the box – yasssss

Well that’s all folks – Happy New Year!!!

I’d love to hear from you – what healthy foods are you hoping to add in 2017? Any cooking goals? Let me know in comments!!!

One more question!  would you rather me keep this format with what I PLAN to make from the box? or a post showing what I DID make from the box with pics?  The original plan for posting the plan was to give people vegan ideas…. I could do both, i think…..


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