Green Power!

Hey readers, I am so pumped about this box, it’s so gorgeous and GREEN! and purple and orange….

So I’m going to include some things I made from the last box that I didn’t post about, it came on the day before I rushed out of town for a yoga teacher training, so I washed the grape tomatoes to throw in my cooler for the road, and took the lettuce and kale with me to make my lunches at the Air BnB, I knew the rest would hold up till I got back 5 days later.

Last box had these divine looking Scarlet Turnips – I found this Roasted Turnip recipe, i just didn’t do the greens because by the time I got back in town they weren’t looking to hot so the guinea pig got those.  They turned out so amazing. Here they are served with sauteed Kale & quinoa


I also used the Green Beans in one of my fave recipes of all time – Saucy BBQ Green Beans & Green Beans from Plant-Powered Families by Dreena Burton  but I didn’t take a picture!

Ok on to this box:




Green Beans



Yellow Squash



See how amazing this box sounds!! So I was about to make a batch of Kitchari when the box arrived, so I quickly chopped up some carrots to add in, and the beautiful beet greens, see here they are all chopped up and ready for Kitchari


I went to an ayurvedic cooking class a couple of weeks ago so this week the green beans and squash, and maybe carrots too are going to go into Mixed Vegetable Subji, it’s basically heating up spices in oil to release the flavors and fragrances and then adding the vegetables & cooking for about 15 minutes till tender and still bright. It was so good in the class.

Lettuce I will have in salads and am craving a Lemon Tahini dressing of some sort, of course will add cucumbers to that!

I make a batch of Kitchari every few days so i’m imagining the beets will go in the next one, or roasted  or maybe save some to grate and add with grated carrots to that salad.

Well that’s all folks, see you in a couple of weeks and I’ll let you know how it all went.




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