Serious greens

sorry folks for missing the last bushel – I skipped one being out of town, and then was so busy catching up with all my things I never wrote the last post…sigh

so here we are, April 10th and I’m writing about the April 6th box, but what a beaut it was, the only thing was that there was not a fruit! The list said Grapefruit, peaches or strawberry but there was nada.  I understand, sometimes they are at the mercy of what the farms can actually produce and bring, so needless to say, it was an all veggie box

here are the contents:



Bok Choy



Sugar Snap Peas

Sweet potatoes

Winter Greens – i got kale!

I have already made a delish Kichari – long time readers will know that I love my kitchari (indian comfort food cleansing mung bean and rice dish) – and i love making it with whatever I have on hand.  This one had 4 items fro the box – sweet potato, celery, carrots & kale.  I didn’t take an after picture because in general it looks like yellow much with orange chunks and green streaks, not too photogenic.


One thing I like to do with Kichari is add different toppings every time I eat it, usually cilantro, lime, coconut or lemon, the other day I decided to slice up a radish on top, it was kind of amazing.  I also like radish on toast, and of course I’ll pair it with the lettuce for a salad

I was perusing the Rich Roll & Julie Piatt book The Plantpower Way, it literally is the kind of cookbook you peruse to admire the photos, touch the super nice paper and read about healthy positive lifestyles, I love it, also, I was wanting some breakfast ideas, weirdly enough in their breakfast chapter was a bok choy and mushrooms, for breakfast….weird but sounds amazing so that will be my bok choy recipe

Snap Peas I am picturing sauteing them in a bit of olive oil and splashing with balsamic and nutritional yeast….

Ok see ya in a couple of weeks with the next box!






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