Heart Chakra Veggies…

The color of the Anahata Chakra or heart Chakra is green.  I love all the green veggies, i love the way they look, the way they taste, the way they are so amazing for my health, they way they make me feel, so it’s appropriate that the color of the love chakra is green!

Veggies = love=heart

Here is a pic of the full haul!


Here is a pic of the colored carrots sliced up to use for dipping in my guac that I just had for a snack!


Here is the full list:





Green Onions


Red Potatoes

Sugar Snap Peas

Winter Greens – i believe they are mustard greens

Ok what shall i make this week….besides stir fry which for some reason keeps callin’ my name.  I can hear it saying “nanette, nanette, i’m so delish and flavorful and easy…”

Broccoli – i have a couple of pot-lucks to attend this weekend, one of them is my Vegan Cookbookers group, where we pick a certain cookbook, or author, and have a pot luck where we all make things from that book, it’s so fun. This weekend we are doing recipes from cookbook author Bryant Terry – seriously, go to his website, he’s amazing.  I’m going to make the Chilled Citrus-Broccoli Salad from his Vegan Soul Kitchen cookbook.  I’m also making Roasted Sweet Potato Puree with Coconut Milk, can you believe how amaze that sounds!

Carrots – well as you saw, I ate some already as a dip dipper.  Speaking of dips, i’m about to take a road trip and love packing my own food… So I think I will make this incredible sounding Spicy Harrissa Carrot Hummus – I’m a sucker for anything Harrissa. It may be weird with the white carrots, and well, I may get short on time and ambition as the trip nears, so carrots may just be carrots sticks to munch on the road…..wanted to post the recipe anyway so I can remember to go back and make it another time if that happens.

Celery – a while ago I followed a 21 day cleansy type meal plan put out by the lovely ladies at Simple Green Smoothies – every single recipe in this plan was so amazingly delicious that I now incorporate them regularly in my meals, but one snack/meal was a crunchy green apple delightful thing with green apples, celery, walnuts, mint and orange juice. I’ve been craving it, so yeah….celery

Green Onions & Lettuce – will be a salad of course!!!  and perhaps I’ll make this Grapefruit Vinaigrette to go with it! The rest of grapefruit as always will go in a smoothie  – like this one Grapefruit Green Smoothie

Red Potatoes – I actually never made the mashed potatoes from last box, so I now have even MORE red potatoes!  So maybe I’ll make a big batch and take some to my other pot luck. But Today while shopping at Wheatsville, i sampled a taste of this amazing potato salad that I think was like this Easy Vegan German Potato Salad.…WANT

Sugar Snap Peas – ohmygodilovethesesomuch – so yeah, maybe lighly sauteed or maybe raw, nothing exciting, everything delicioso

Mustard Greens – i really don’t know – i loved those Balsamic-Glazed Chickpeas Mustard Greens from the other box…

Here’s a quick pic of the stir fry i made from the last box, including bok choy, broccoli rabe & carrots!  During cooking and after!



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