Veg Fest – In my kitchen

Oh the day the box arrives, it’s seriously like a festival of veggies all up in here, I love it so much

before i dive into this week’s box – here’s the pics and run down of what I made from the last one!

Here are the Balsamic Glazed Chickpeas & Mustard Greens  – i ate with a little baked sweet potato – it was totes amazing, something I could eat once a week, and easy too – Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is one of my major go-tos – you can search by ingredient and everything is pretty easy and delish


Here is a salad made with the Romaine and Carrots, and that amazing looking green dressing used the spinach – the dressing is the Green Superhero Dressing from Dreena Burton’s fab good Plant Powered Families

Salad Dressing

From the same cookbook here is the Teriyaki Stir Fry where I used the Broccoli & Carrots – this with brown rice and a bit of Sriracha made me swoon


Sweet Potaoes! So I also get emails from Dreena Burton and low and behold one come in with THIS recipe for Balsamic Glazed Yam Fries – I guess I’m into “balsamic glazed” stuff. I do believe I likely ate 3 or 4 servings in one, it was my entire dinner, and I want it right now – sign up for her newsletter, you won’t be sorry

Sweet pot

I did use the celery in a soup!! I made the Pumpkin Lentil Soup from the Plant Powered Families again and served it up to my friend Zoe on a lil girly get together at my house.

LEntil soup

Ok – on to this gorgeous box that again I didn’t photograph:

Bok Choy




Crimini Mushrooms




Red Potatoes

When i looked at the first five veggies listed, Bok Choy, Broccolini, Celery, Carrots Mushrooms, I just think Stir Fry  – i freakin’ love stir fries over rice or quinoa, I love sauces, and I really love Sriracha.  So that’s happening.  It may be too much for one, so carrots are likely to show up elsewhere, like a salad with that lettuce.  Mushrooms are like my fave thing ever, so sometimes I just saute them up with coconut oil, a bit of balsamic, a bit of tamari and just eat them in a bowl.  Amazing.

Here are some sauces I may use with the stir fry – stay tuned to next post to see what I use – or comment below to guess or suggest:

Miso Sauce

Basic Ginger Sauce

General Tso Sauce

Ginger Peanut Stir Fry Sauce

Red Potatoes – my son is a potato fan – I asked him what he envisioned for those and he said….Mashed Potatoes! no surprise. The kids don’t like them as fancy as I do , with adding, vegan sour cream or mayo, nutritional yeast, maybe even Kale.  So will do these up with just Earth Balance, unsweetened plant milk, salt and pepper.  old skool

Kale – i’m on a major green smoothie kick so they may end up in there!

Side note, I really would rather do two posts per box and keep the “results” post as separate, but my work life blew up the last two weeks and it didn’t happen, let’s see if I can make a calendar plan and have regular posting dates….



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