My first Farmhouse Delivery Bushel!

Welcome to the NEW vegan local farm box delivery blog – THE VEGAN BUSHEL!  My beloved Greenling that I’ve been getting every 2 weeks for over 5 years, and blogging about my vegan makings from it for over 5 years, has become Farmhouse Delivery. Or rather Farmhouse Delivery bought, or took over Greenling, so it’s the same…but new.  I’m excited – the customer service with the transition has been awesome, a personal call, a detailed explanation of the changes and what’s new, the website is awesome – and I handle change pretty well 🙂

So now instead of a “Local Box” – I get a Large Bushel – they offer a Medium Bushel as well which is a great option if you don’t need as much.  Explore the website, there are some cool offerings.

soooo my first Bushel arrived yesterday – and the box is dark grey – so that feels pretty hip.  Here are the contents:


Carrots w/tops




Romain Lettuce


Sweet Potatoes

Winter Greens – i got mustard greens

Next Bushel i will take pics of the veggies for the post but I already put them all away and i’m way to lazy to set up a photo shoot.  So in the mean time here is a picture of me loving my first making – a delicious green smoothie that used the spinach!! It looks brown because I added cacao. It also has coconut milk, banana, apple, ginger, almond butter & a teaspoon of coconut oil.  It’s divine and i feel amazing

Photo on 1-28-16 at 9.04 AM

Ok – what Shall I make…

The romaine– a salad of course, and will put the gorgeous carrots in there as well and plan to make Green Superhero Dressing from Plant Powered Families by Dreena Burton (my current fave cookbook) using more of the bright green spinach.  It looks divine.

Broccoli & Carrots -again from Plant Powered Families I’m totally craving the Ultimate Teriyaki Stir Fry, it’s got veggies & tofu & a home made teriyaki sauce.

Turnips – I truly just love roasting these up with some olive oil, salt & pepper, maybe I’ll add the roasted chunks to the salad

Sweet Potatoes – I’m really a huge fan of baked sweet potato fries, and my OTHER fave cookbook of the moment – The Taco Cleanse has a recipe for Grounding Sweet Potato Fries that have a delectable spice mix that i’m dying to try.  FYI I am going to try and do at least one recipe from The Taco Cleanse with each post. My friends wrote this book, it’s the best, funniest, most delicious thing I’ve seen in years.  Even my son is obsessed with the recipes.

Grapefruits – I used to love just eating these in halves with a grapefruits spoon, but lately I’m into adding them to smoothies – like this one Grapefruit Green Smoothie – and lookie, i can use the spinach also!

Mustard Greens  – I love chickpeas, I love Balsamic Vinegar, and I love Susan Voisin’s Fat Free Vegan Kitchen blog so I’m fairly certain I will love this recipe!  Balsamic-Glazed Chickpeas & Mustard Greens

Celery – poor celery, I never really think about it as a main food, I buy a bunch for one recipe and the rest usually goes to Drizzle my cute Guinea Pig.  This bunch is very leafy which he loves, beautiful darkish green leaves unlike the usual grocery store celery. But when I think of celery I think of potato or chickpea salad, or soup.  I am feeling a pull to make some soup for fear it get’s too hot too soon here in Austin  – Again Plant Powered Families wins me over with Pumpkin Lentil Soup – mmmm red lentils, pumpkin, spices…perfect.



5 thoughts on “My first Farmhouse Delivery Bushel!

    1. thanks for commenting! I wonder if it has to do with location? Like maybe we have more local farms close by so more variety? I love not picking what to shop for and then working my meals around what i have, so adventurous!


  1. I wish I could get as excited as you are about cooking! I really need to do so considering I got diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago….but, something about cooking 6 homemade dinners a week for my family for 15 years just ruined me for truly wanting to cook and explore recipes. I am going to keep up with your blog though and see if I can get inspired.


    1. i mostly make really simple things! i balk at extra steps or more than a handful of ingredients. AND my kids mostly don’t eat what i make so it’s all for me alone. I have grown to love it. But i didn’t really ever cook family meals even when i was married…


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