Last Bushel of 2016!

Not that I have been consistent with any posts for the last 6 months! My excuse is I started graduate school and it seems that any sit down computer time is spent writing papers and assignments. But I have been cooking and making good stuff from the boxes, sorry you can’t see what they were! […]

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Green Power!

Hey readers, I am so pumped about this box, it’s so gorgeous and GREEN! and purple and orange…. So I’m going to include some things I made from the last box that I didn’t post about, it came on the day before I rushed out of town for a yoga teacher training, so I washed […]

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Serious greens

sorry folks for missing the last bushel – I skipped one being out of town, and then was so busy catching up with all my things I never wrote the last post…sigh so here we are, April 10th and I’m writing about the April 6th box, but what a beaut it was, the only thing […]

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Heart Chakra Veggies…

The color of the Anahata Chakra or heart Chakra is green.  I love all the green veggies, i love the way they look, the way they taste, the way they are so amazing for my health, they way they make me feel, so it’s appropriate that the color of the love chakra is green! Veggies […]

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Veg Fest – In my kitchen

Oh the day the box arrives, it’s seriously like a festival of veggies all up in here, I love it so much before i dive into this week’s box – here’s the pics and run down of what I made from the last one! Here are the Balsamic Glazed Chickpeas & Mustard Greens  – i […]

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